Better Together


  • Q: What happens with the current staff? What role does Scott and Laurie Prestine now have?
  • A: Scott and Laurie Prestine along with Stu, Amy, Lee-Ann and Chris will be joining alphabroder in key roles.
  • Q: What happens to the Golden State Activewear name?
  • A: Golden State Activewear will be positioned under the umbrella of alphabroder.
  • Q: How do I place an order?
  • A: If you use the existing Golden State Activewear website, phone numbers, email address or fax number, please continue to do so. All will be directed to the appropriate alphabroder personnel Feb 28th, 2020.


  • Q: How will this union affect pricing of products?
  • A: All pricing will be aligned by Feb 28th, 2020.


  • Q: How will this affect the Golden State Activewear warehouse?
  • A: The Golden State Activewear facility at 2070 South 7th Street San Jose, CA will remain open through the month of February and will close Feb 28th, 2020.
  • Q: What is the cutoff time for orders with alphabroder?
  • A: Standard cutoff is 5pm local time.
  • Q: Where is the alphabroder distribution center?
  • A: 4247 South Mineewawa Ave Fresno, CA 93725
  • Q: What else do I need to know about the alphabroder Fresno distribution center?
  • A: The Fresno distribution center is open from 8 AM to 7PM Monday through Friday. Same day pick up is available Monday – Friday for orders placed by 5PM.


  • Q: What affect does this have on the current Golden State Activewear assortment?
  • A: alphabroder will carry and/or pick up all brands offered by Golden State Activewear with the exception of Independent Trading Co.
  • Q: What happens to
  • A: and will remain up and running – business as usual – until they are transitioned to This will happen Feb. 28th, 2020. Click here to become an alphabroder Customer.
  • Q: What happens to my generic websites?
  • A: An alphabroder rep will contact you to set up your new generic website.


  • Q: Do I need to create an account with alphabroder?
  • A: Existing alphabroder and Golden State Customers
  • As an existing alphabroder Customer, please continue to use your alphabroder account to purchase from alphabroder, and use your Golden State account to purchase from Golden State. At the time that is fully merged into, you will use your alphabroder account info to make purchases.
  • A: Golden State Activewear Customers who are not currently alphabroder Customers
  • If you currently have an account with Golden State Activewear and have purchased in the last 24 months – since 2018 - we will create an alphabroder account for you. Where possible, we will keep your Golden State account number. If this is not possible, we will inform you of your new alphabroder account number.
  • Bottom line, we have you covered and look forward to working with you.
  • Q: What happens to my credit account information that I currently have with Golden State Activewear?
  • A:In most cases, your Golden State Activewear terms and alphabroder terms are the same. The alphabroder Credit Department will work closely with all customers to ensure there is no service interruptions or delays in releasing of orders.
  • Q: What happens to my account information that I currently have with Golden State Activewear?
  • A: If you have purchased in the last 24 months – since 2018 - your order history from the last several years will be brought over to alphabroder. We will not bring over sensitive data such as credit cards so you will be prompted for card information the first time you place a credit card order with alphabroder.