3 Reasons Why You Should Try Video Marketing

At Golden State, we wanted to add video to our marketing strategy, but we were afraid. We knew it was a great way to tell our story, yet we wondered:
  1. Do we have enough resources to create and use video content?
  2. How the heck do we actually produce a video?

Dan Harris, one of the owners of Bella+Canvas once told our co-founder Laurie Prestine, "Video is easy. Use your phone and tell your story." We took his advice at the 2018 ISS trade show and had a blast. Our customers and vendors loved it too.

Here's three reasons why we think you should try video in 2018:

  1. Videos Promote Sales

    Creating a video can you earn you some cash. The stats about sales conversation rates and video are easily found. Pictures speak a thousand words and the experts say videos boost sales.

  2. Video Builds Trust

    The number one reason people buy from your company is you. Showing who you are can be difficult with catalogs and websites. 40 seconds of thoughtful content will help you engage and ignite a powerful response with your customers.

  3. Video is Easier Than You Think

    We grabbed our phones, visited our vendors and interviewed our customers. We used Adobe Premiere Pro to make our video. Our creative director, Garvin Soutar from Realpixel, said, "I had no idea how to edit video, but I do now." Here are a few tips from Garvin:

    1. If you shoot on your phone, shoot in landscape mode (horizontal). It looks better when you upload to social media.
    2. Shoot more content than you think you need.
    3. If you have any audio, an external mic would be nice.
    4. Don't use your zoom, it makes the images blurry.
Prestine says, "We are so glad we finally jumped in." She added, "Our motto is our videos don't have to be perfect, they just have to be real."

Check out the newest Bella + Canvas line: PRISM!

We've been busy here at Golden State and there is a lot of exciting stuff happening!

First up was the launch of our new website. We've loved your feedback. Please keep it coming.

As 2018 kicks off, we're showing some of our favorite new arrivals here first.

"Bella+Canvas is known for developing the perfect mix of fun and fashion and they've done it again with their new prism collection," our co-founder Laurie Prestine says.

PRISM brings new innovation to the Heather category. It was created by re-engineering the heather yam spinning and fabric dyeing processes to create stunning halftones and never-been-seen before dimension.

"Grab a sample and throw it on your next job," Prestine says. "Create some wow factor and plant the seed for your next order. We think your customers are going to love it."